Ski weekend on Mount Ruapehu

On friday the 25th of June and friday the 1th of October we jumped in the car and drove to mount Ruapahu. A 2797 high volcano in the middle on the south island. Mount Ruapehu is the highest of the active volcanoes in New Zealand. Last eruption was in 1996, but apparently no one thinks about that as the volcano is the busiest ski area on the north island. We went to Oakuni village where we rented a chalet with a few friends. The ski fields are about 20 km away from the town and you have to take a ride up to them. On our way up the mountain we drove through a beautiful green forest and wondered if this was the way to the ski fields. After a steep ride we arrived at the ski fields, we bought a ski pass and went up. The weather was great and it felt strange to ski in the middle of June.

In the village close to the mountain life isn't bothered by the snow. The gardens are green and you feel a bit weird hiring ski gear and walking around with snow boots when there ain 't no snow and the temperature is far above zero. Luckily after a journey up the mountain, snow came into view and just a little bit higher we could jump into the ski lift to bring us to the top.

Paul with his Dutch Supporters shawl (This was during the European Soccer Championship). As there is only snow on the mountain, the rest of the surroundings are green. Leaving a clear distincion between ski-field and the lower levels. As Helen and I found out during one of our expeditions. We had to walk back up the mountain and take another route down.

Mount Ruapehu is not the only vulcano. Next is the Pureora vulcano and on a clear day you can see Mt Egmond vulcano near Plymouth.

Mount Egmond (in the distance) and Pureora vulcano.

The ski bunch at the bottom of the mountain and Snow Board Alex cursing along. And sunrise behind the mountain.