Queenstown - 'Adventure capital of the world'

On the shores of lake Wakatipu and surrounded by beautiful mountains. As its nickname suggests this place is big fun for everyone who loves outdoor activity. From bungy jumping from a helicopter or cable car, hang gliding, tramping, parasailing, jet-boating in the summer to a ski paradise in winter.
Of course we couldn't do all of this in our 2 day visit. Just a few walks and a river trip on the Dart river, but we will be back for some action soon.

Arriving from air into Queenstown. Nice little sign with info of places you don't want to go.

Left - the old and stately coal burning TSS Earnslaw, still doing her famous lake cruises. Right- the fast and furious looking jet-boat for high speed upriver traveling on the Dart river. And safety goes for everything. Check and double check of the life jackets before everyone stepped aboard and the boat could finally set off.

The scenery of the Dart river was used in the Lord Of The Rings movie. Here was the mighty tower of Sauron the White and the high snowcapped top of the mountain where Gandalf fought the Ballrog. We enjoyed all these beautiful views while we floated down river and splashed the water.