A guide to a two day birthday

Birthdays are great especially when they are yours. You get presents, you celebrate the event with a party, people are extra friendly, plus you tend to indulge yourself.

So why only celebrate it once a year when you can have 2 genuine birthdays. 2 full days of you birthday, twice the fun!!!
22 october fell on a Saturday this year and I decided for a little party on the deck with a few friends and a few beers. You know how those parties go, drink, eat, chat, drink, laugh, etc. Very enjoyable, good fun, a great day, but it wasn't over yet.
When the last guest left, we jumped in the car (driven by a friend who wasn't intoxicated) and drove to the airport to fly out at 23:00 hours. With 1 hour to go the plane headed east and flew just before midnight over the magical date line. 4 hours later we landed in Rarotonga where it was 4 AM of Saturday the 22snd of October.

After a short night sleep we woke up in a lovely cabin with great sea view. On my second birthday day we walked over tropical beaches, had lunch under palm trees, swam with the fish and dined with gecko's. It was great to have two completely different birthdays in one go. A treat that I recommend to everyone.

Two parties on October the 22 nd.