Summer 2009

A few scattered photos from summer. It is a good summer that started early and will hopefully last long. It is also our last summer as a childless couple, although for Urs this was already no longer the case. Carrying baby around in her belly made her summer definitely different from previous ones, even if it was only for missing a few cool glasses of wine.

Halloween at Bas and Jo's place. Monty the zombie dog was not impressed. He had to stay home while we met up with the others at Bas and Jo's home(made) cemetry!

Flying at Kariotahi, a great way to escape the hussle and bussle of daily life and fly free like a bird!

We went for a long weekend to the Coromandel. Monty wanted to make sure has wasn't left behind and sat in the back of the car for the whole time we were packing. NO it didn't matter how tightly we squashed him; He would not jump out. And right he was. Our rental place was close to the beach and we all had some great beach walks.

James and Kelly came along with their boat and we caught that night's dinner. Monty peeking into the kitchen, or should I say, ordering his dinner.

Wedding of David and Kellee on Waiheke. Good food, great wine and lovely company. Up for the next wedding at Mudbrick!! Cheer to Matt and Trudy, who will marry in November.

2 preggie woman & swimming during last weeks of pregnancy

Sun setting above Auckland from Waiheke