Although the Yellow Eyed Penguin and the Blue Penguin also live on the Otago Peninsula we travelled all the way up to Oamaru to see them there. It might sound a bit Dutch, but it was free in Oamaru and more natural then in Otago.
The Yellow Eyed Penguin is an endangered bird, because it lives in bushy coastal areas. They more or less love the same habitat as we humans do and that is very problematic if you are only 70 cm high and don't have hands to fight the humans.

The Yellow Eyed Penguin has more similarities with us humans. Early in the morning they go out for the day to gather food. They jump into the sea and swim for miles and miles to catch fish and then just before dusk they come back ashore. We were there waiting from a sheltered place to see them come in. It's very cute the see this small penguin torpedoing towards the beach, swim up to it and then get on its feet and waddle into the bush and up the hill.


This is were Yellow Eye Penguin lives.
Would you like to live here?

It is strange to believe but these penguins live up on a hill. They manage to walk up without the use of hands to hold on.