Lucia 7 - 10 Months

At most of times it difficult to comprehend how incredibly fast Lucia grows. Within months she goes from a little baby that can only lie on her back to a fast moving toddler that wants to grab everything she can see.

The above pictures were take in October. Lucia had a few uncomfortable nights as her bottom teeth came through, but most of the time she was enjoying the new found ability to roam around. Nothing was save for her unjustifiable urge to investigate.

Summer is now around the corner and Lucia loved the adventures to new places. Urs also bought the first I-thing for her. I bet that she will have many of the I-devices in for seeable future, but this one fitted like a glove.

Guus, Marisja, Fije and Juna came over to visit us early December. Lucia loved the new friends and copied many tricks of them. Later that month we went for her first surf lessons; "How to look good with a board!". See passed with ease.

At our bach in the Coromandel.