Great Barrier Island

Although Great Barrier island is not that far from Auckland it is still a very remote island. The island has no electricity supply, most road are unsealed and there is only a handfull of shops in a few scattered settlements. Apparnetly there are only 600 full time residents on the island and it doesn't take long before you seem to know them all. (The woman from the toursit service was also our bar tender. The waitres in the restaurant was a supermerkt cleaner at day time).
Great Barrier main attrackting are its beautiful beaches and its fine tramping. We stayed in a lodge south of the island and walked every day a few of the many walks.


The big advanture to Great Barrier was the flight. Urs almost got an sisure when she saw the size of the plane, but the flight was pleasant and comfortable, although very noisy. On the way back I had the opportunity to sit next to the pilot with the steering wheel right infront and the headphone on. A childhood dream of being a pilot came rushing back to me. On the right picture you can see the landing strip in the upper right corner.

If you have high-speed internet:A movie of the landing on Great Barrier.

Great Barrier is a little paradise for trampers. Lots of beautiful walks with great views.

The cormorants tree.