I am enjoying these birthday island holidays. First Great Barrier Island, last year Raratonga and now Fiji. A week chilling out on Fiji is definitely a good way to getting used to be 40!.
The European in me, still sees Fiji as this unreachable destination in the Pacific Ocean, but the truth is that is just a 3 hours flight away from Auckland. Basically around the corner.
A warm Fiji welcome as we arrive by ferry to the beautiful island of Mana.

Fiji is a island archipelago and probably has more islands than inhabitants. Some of the islands are so small and low that the first mini tsunami would erase them. But that didn't stop property developers to build resorts on them. Islands of the size of a football field are now tourist destinations.

Mana Island was reasonable sized with fantastic beaches all around and view of the surrounding islands. Islands with tacky names like Bounty Island, Treasure Island, Castaway, etc

While on Fiji you have to try the kava. A mildly narcotic drink that looks like muddy water and makes your tongue go furry. Our local chief invites you for a try. Evening entertainment was as exciting as island life can be..., not! Well if you can find 10 crabs, you can organise a race.

We had a great time on the water and in the water. Beautiful coral reefs and lots of fish. The diving was great too especially the one with all the shark encounters. Nothing dangerous, just nice sized white tip reef sharks and gray sharks.


Fiji, let's do it again.