Student city of New Zealand. Famous for its bands and lively night life. We were in a hurry and except from having an excellent meal downtown we didn't stay long here.

Just besides Dunedin is the Otago peninsula with the only place on earth (they say) where the Royal Albatross comes ashore to breed and is accessible for humans. As I had immediately"The Rescuers" (De Reddertjes) movie in my mind, I had my mind fixed on seeing an albatross. Just to check if they really wear those flying goggles and how they would take off.

Unfortunatly the breeding season was over and all the 'little' albatrosses had already learned to fly and left for Australia. As albatrosses only come ashore for breeding, the rest off their life they spent on and above sea, we took a tour on a boat to see if we could spot a few off coast. During the boat trip we saw seals, gannets, wandering albatrosses and a giant elephant seal. (Unfortunately he didn't like his photograph taken).

Concerning my idea that albatrosses wear flying goggles I am disappointed to mention that they don't. Neither do they carry talking mice on their back, BUT they do need a very long runway before they can take off. It's fun watching those birds with a span width over 3 meters taking off.