40 in NZ

The year you turn forty is either the year you go barking mad or enter the midlife crisis. Not sure in which category I belong the future will tall. (But I did receive a voucher to get my motor license.

Urs organised a Japanese sake bar for my last day of being 30 something. Lots of drinks and the inseparable Karaoke. I just show you the pictures and save you from the sound that made the neighboring dogs howl.

Alex with "Let me entertain you" and Bas who was "too sexy for his shirt"

Dom/Alex with Blurs "Song 2", and soon after that Dom with backing vocals during "The lion sleeps tonight". Jen +Sake = Laughter!

Girl power and "It's raining man". Patrick with a charming song about a fish'ie, that until then was unknown to mankind. David and Kelly ready for the next song.

Some people tried to hide for the inevitable microphone, but .... the mic won.

Cheers, on another 40 years